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Web Designer Malaysia | Malaysia Web Developer | Web Maintenance
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Based in Selangor (Malaysia), "Web5Rus.Com" Malaysia Web Developer & Web Designer focus web services for all category. I would like to offer my skills website service covered:
  • Corporate Web (html, php, flash)
  • ecommerce web site support online payment
  • ecommerce Shopping Cart system
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Online Product Catalogue & web site
  • Web Portal (Advertising, Forum, Blog, etc)
  • Special Web site development
  • PHP scripts & MySQL database
  • Database Configuration (transfer, backup, editing)
  • Web hosting service
  • Domain name registration
Certified Products
To provides a complete solution to our clients. Products are compatible with industry manufacturers.


Why Choose Here?

If you're pondering on whether to choose a freelancer or a larger organisation for the development of your site then please read on. There are many reasons why a business should choose a freelance over an agency.
  • VALUE FOR MONEY. For various reasons, I can offer a more economical service than that of larger agencies. Typically, around 60-70% of the cost. Freelancers have less overhead and are less prone to surprise you with unexpected fees for additional work.
  • SPEED. Generally, you will get a speedier delivery than large organisations as all the work is done by one person. There are less expenses, contractual details and legalities involved and so a smaller lead up time is required and work can begin much quicker.
  • RELATIONSHIP. One of the major pitfalls of agencies is the lack of client collaboration beyond the initial consultation. Most business models treat the customer as an outside party. The initial consultation is usually between the customer and a salesman, with the actual design and development carried out by someone else within the organisation. As a result, the design may not accurately meet the customers requirements requiring additional consultation and cost. When I come back to you with a proposal and you accept it, you've just employed the person who will be doing all the work.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY. Freelancers often provide a more personal level of trust that is stronger than any written legal document. Speaking for myself here, I know that I feel a personal obligation to ensure that my client gets exactly what they want and more, even if it means spending more time and money than was initially expected.
  • SPECIALISATION. The work you see in my services offer is all my work afford produced. In organisation staff turn over regularly. If you need a specialist service development then that is who you will get.


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